Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed I moved back to Wisconsin and had to get up in the morning and do all my farm chores in a freezing cold blizzard. It was horrible!...........And then I looked out my window! WOW! It is the most snow we have every seen here, several inches at least. IT IS MARCH 3RD FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Uncle Gub usually has half his garden planted by now.
Of course the girls went nuts. Kate broke out the camera and documented the sight for us. ClaireAnna started talking right away about a snowman. We all bundled up ( we don't have snow clothes so a layer of stretch pants and then jeans was the best we could do) and went outside. First...farm chores. The barnyard animals were not quite sure what to think. Chimi, the Llama kicked up his heals and sprayed snow into the air as he ran back and forth. The ducks laid on their bellies and slid around like penguins. The goats simply won't come out from under their run-in and the pups are just loving it. We fed and watered everyone and then went home.
By 9:00 AM, March Man was born. He is the only real sized snowman ClaireAnna has ever built. She was so excited! Later we are going to try sledding on grain sacks, or cardboard boxes or something. We've got some awesome hills. Unfortunately, we sold all our sleds at a garage sale before we moved! Darn!
Ted made it to work in his 4-wheel drive pickup, but lots of people didn't. Remember, we don't have snow plows or salt trucks here. Ted called and told me that as he drove the overpass to I-40, he saw bumper to bumper cars in both directions as far as he could see at a dead stop. No one moving at all. I have no idea how that worked itself out. There is currently a semi stuck in Alcan's driveway blocking anything from coming in or out. People here just don't know how to drive in the snow. Every school is closed and most people just won't go out till most of this melts. Today's high is supposed to be 39 degrees. But tomorrow is going to be nearly 60! So hopefully, by tomorrow evening, my nightmare will be over! Crazy Arkansas weather!

ClaireAnna and March Man

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  1. The pics are beautiful. Looks like Wisconsin. Love the one with the Cardinal. The splash of red in the middle of all the white. Great picture. Claire, looks like you had a lot of fun in the snow. You didn't get the chance to experience snow in Wisconsin before you moved like the rest of your family did. Now you know what we have all winter long.


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