Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jack Frost

***UPDATE**** We have changed our minds. Jack is no longer for sale. He is such a sweetie that we just couldn't part with him.****UPDATE****

Jack Frost was a Christmas Present for ClaireAnna 2 years ago. He was left here by Santa, who asked Claire to take care of him. Anyway, Jack has been fun and is a sweat heart. He is very good with people and kids, is easy to catch and loves a treat or a scratch. Claireanna could lead him and bath him by herself when she was five as the pictures show. Jack gets along with cows and even bulls, horses and our Llama. Unfortunately, he is VERY territorial and does NOT get along with dogs or smaller stock. He will chase goats and sheep and he will attack calves and dogs. He is fine with cats and poultry.

Because of this, we are trying to find him a new home. We have so many different animals here and it is getting difficult to keep Jack away from the ones he may hurt. We love him very much, but playing pasture roulette is getting annoying. Jack has spent the last year living in the bull pen with 2 full grown Red Angus bulls and he has done just fine. He would be a GREAT companion animal for a bull, a horse or anything bigger then himself that won't run away from him. He would be a wonderful guard animal for a poultry flock. He will NOT let a dog or predator in the barnyard, PERIOD! Jack has been to several petting zoo events with our 4-H group and did very well. He is tiny and cute and makes a big to-do with his EEEEAWWWW when anyone visits the barnyard. We will be sad to see him go and are looking for just the right home for him where his sweat personality and protective instincts are both assets. ClaireAnna understands that Jack may be sold and why. She has so many other pets and a new pony foal that I don't think she will feel a void when he is gone. She also now knows that Santa is really Daddy, so she won't feel guilty about that! Jack Frost is a gelding. He is only 3 years old and could live well into his 30's. If we don't find just the right home for him, he will continue to be a companion for our Bull, JT.

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