Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's New in the Barnyard?

This is Cocoa. She's the runt of triplets, but now that her brother has been weaned, she is catching up in growth. ( Her sister died in a freak accident.) She is for sale.

ClaireAnna with her Lionhead rabbit, Lily.

We've got the large stall set up as a poultry nursery. In the large stock tank in the back center of the picture, is a batch of 10 Chinese Mandarin ducklings, to the left, in a pen made of hay bales, are ClaireAnna's new Bantam chicks and loose in the rest of the stall are Cleo, the lone duckling and Kate's new African goslings.

You can't see the Bantams well, but there are 21 of them in several different varieties.

Here are some pictures of what her chicks will look like all grown up.

Our second batch of Mandarins hatched 10! We will be keeping 2 and I have sold the other 8 to a gentleman in northern IL. ( I love the Internet!) I will be delivering them to him on my way to visit Jes in Late June.

This is Cleo, the only other duckling hatched here this year. She is now out of the kitchen and living with her new best buddies, Kate's African goslings. In this picture, she is 3 weeks old and they are 3 days old. Soon, they will dwarf her.
Here's what the African geese will look like, all grown up.

We bought a new nannie goat and her doeling the other day from a local Boer breeder. Isn't she COOL! We love her color and think she will make some beautiful kids with our buck, Romeo. And so will the doeling when she is grown. Kate named the nannie, Frenchie, and ClaireAnna named the doeling, Shiloh.

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