Sunday, May 10, 2009

Duckling Disaster!

Spring is the time for farm babies and we have been anxiously awaiting our crop of ducklings. We had seven hens sitting on large nests of eggs. Finally, after waiting for weeks, we went out to check the ducks and found........ONE DUCKLING! That's it....and that's all we got....ONE DUCKLING! What on earth are we going to do with ONE??? We had planned to sell a bunch of them to the local feed store. We have no idea why all the nests were duds....we will have to do some research so this doesn't happen next year. And we do still have 2 hens sitting faithfully, so we are hopefull......But for now, "Cleo" is living in a makeshift brooder box under my counter in the kitchen. I mean..come can't leave ONE DUCKLING all by it's self at the barn......can you?

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