Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a Beautiful Spring Day in The Cow Pasture!

Two really pretty fall hiefers. We are going to catch the one in the forground and halter train her for ClaireAnna to show at the fair. They are 50/50 Red Angus X Fleckvieh Simmental
This is Shiloh. ClaireAnna named her. She is 50/50 Red Angus X Romagnola. The Romagnola are an Italian cattle with white hair but black skin. This hiefer got the red hair from her Red Angus sire and the black skin from her Romagnola dam. ( you can tell by the black nose) She's a cutie!
Red Angus X Fleckvieh Simmental spring heifer. See the pink nose?

A couple of fall calves.

This handsome hunk is 75/25 Angus X Fleckvieh. He was not banded as a newborn and has turned out so nice that we are marketing him as a commercial bull. His dam is "Dumb." Yes, that is her name. She always gives us one of our top calves of the crop and this guy is no exception.

This heifer is only hours old. She is HUGE!

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