Friday, May 22, 2009

The Barnyard Today

The ducklings have just about doubled in size. I've sold the entire clutch of Mandarins - all eight - to one guy. He is driving 4 1/2 hours from Louisiana to pick them up. The best part is that he is paying $200 for the batch! Whoo hooo!! Poor Cleo, the Ancona, will be left alone again. But I'm sure ClaireAnna will see to it that she has some company.
This is Romeo. He is our 100% Boer, painted buck. We traded a horse for him. He is not turning out as nice as we had hoped, although we have changed his feed and are waiting to see how he fills out on the new stuff. I kinda wish I had the horse back! But....he will do till we can raise up another buck we like better. Or maybe sell some kids and buy one. I like his color! And his is friendly and easy to work with.

This is Brook. She is a pretty, black headed, half dairy, half Boer, doe. She was born here last June. We like the dairy mixed nannies because they give lots of milk and grow a kid fast!

This first doe is Grace. She is a high % Boer we will be keeping from this years crop of kids. She is only 3 months old and very muscular and healthy. I guess Romeo can get it right if he tries! The little red doe behind Grace has been sold to a 4-H girl.
Here are the dogs lounging with Summer in the foreground. We are mad at her. She is our nicest Boer doe but failed to have kids this spring. We are giving her one more chance and then to the sale barn she goes! The doe in the background is named Thacia, but we call her BB for Basketball Belly. She is older and her stomach has stretched out permanently. It looks like she has 2 basketballs in her belly, one on each side. She is NOT pregnant in this picture! She lost a teet to injury this year - darn it. She did manage to raise 2 kids on one teet, which is pretty amazing. But, she usually has triplets, so that is not going to work. We will breed her one more time since she gave us our best kid this year. Then, off to the sale barn she goes.
This picture gives you an idea of how gigantic Bo is. We don't know where he gets his height from. He is much taller then either of his parents. Ted is wearing his "summer" jeans since they give him a little circulation! He doesn't wear shorts on the farm no matter how hot it gets so this is his compromise. LOL
Doesn't Shani look dead???? She was tired from running ( her usual activity) and plopped down in the dirt. She paddled her front legs a bit to expose some damp cool dirt and then just lay here. As I took the picture, she opened her eyes, but kept her gaze forward and didn't raise her head. Hence the death pose! Funny!

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