Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Patient Pig

We learned through internet research that unspayed Pot Belly Pigs are ornery Pot Belly Pigs. In addition, a Pot Belly Pig must be spayed while young before excess fat has developed.  So, believe it or not, we got our new pet pig spayed! 
 Kate and Claire got up very early in the freezing cold to get
Penny to her appointment at Morrelton Vet Clinic. 

Penny's ride in the back of the Jeep. 
She has her blankets to comfort her and keep her warm.

The surgery went smoothly and was successful! But it hurts to lay down.

Kate to the rescue.  "I'm taking you home, Pig."
I love this picture! Penny seems so happy to see her new mama!

Thank you to the excellent vets at Morrilton Vet Clinic
for taking such good care of Penny!

Yes, there's a pig in the house.  Why not? 
We've had goats and dogs.  What's a little bacon in the kitchen?
Penny seems to appreciate Kate's comforting.  

Ouch.  Just like a dog, she had an abdominal incision.

Penny is restless. 

Look at those adorable elf ears!

Getting sleepy.

Out cold.

Penny has to spend the night in the house due to the effects of the anesthesia. 
(The general anesthesia makes it hard for the animal to regulate body temperature.)
She will be back out in her pig pen in the barn yard tomorrow afternoon once it warms up outside.

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