Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jazz is finally a mom!

I have waited four years for this baby! My beautiful mare, Jazz, ( showing off her stunning grulla color in the picture of her by herself ) has finally had her first foal, after 2 years of unsuccessful breeding. The filly, born 3/17/2007, was just exactly what I ordered and I am madly in love with her! She is a beautiful dun with a white star on her forehead and tiger stripes on her legs. Here is a picture of the filly on the day she was born, taking a nap on ClaireAnna's lap. I have named her "Chexy". Her registered name will be "Smart and Chexy Two". It is a play on words derived from the names of her ancestors. She is a "Smart Little Lena" and "Chexy Lady" great grand daughter, with "Two Eyed Jack" in her 6th generation. "Chexy" has a personality to die for. I have halter and lead trained her and she is now 7 months old and weaned.

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