Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Chimichanga" the Llama

UPDATE: We had Chimi for about 1 year.  He was a pleasure to own, but his personality did not suit our petting zoo atmosphere.  We sold him to a family who will enjoy him very much.  We would like to get a llama or two again, but will be more discerning and be sure to choose from a line of well proven, less dominant animals.  Chimi was a handful!

One of the most unusual new aditions to the Harmon menagerie is Chimichanga", our llama. He is just a baby. We got him in May and he is approaching 1 year old in November. He is quite friendly and will happily gallop to you if you have a bucket of grain and eat out of your hand. He does not like to be petted but we are working on that. If we can catch him with grain, we can put a halter on him and take him for walks. He leads well and seems to enjoy them. I have just ordered a book and training clicker and Kate is going to start working on his training. We have read that you can train a llama to do just about anything, including to pick up garbage and put it in the trash can. We'll see......"Chimi" gets gelded tomorrow! Anyway, he is lots of fun and a great conversation starter. Another benefit is that he protects the ducks and chickens from night time predators.

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