Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2007 Ozark Memories Day

Our little town of Dover has an annual festival called Ozark Memories Day. There is a parade, music, games and contests and booths of all kinds. This is our third year participating in the 4-H petting zoo booth. This year, we brought some of the Lionhead rabbits and Seymour. For those of you who don't know, Seymour is a wether Katadin Hair Sheep. (A wether is a castrated male. ) Katadin Hair Sheep do not need to be shorn. Seymour grows wool in the fall and sheds it out in the spring. Under his wool he has a coat of corse hair. We have had Seymour for over 3 years now and our barnyard wouldn't be the same without him. The second picture is of a 4-H friend, Richard, who decided to take Seymour for a walk and took him all over the festival like a dog on a leash. It was just so cute! Another Seymour factoid.....His tail should be 6 inches longer! One morning a couple of years ago, we found Seymour bleeding from the tip of his tail which was suddenly half as long as it was the day before. We can only assume that a coyote attempted to attack him and only got a snack and not a full course meal. The tail was never found and Seymour recovered quickly.

The girls and I love to do petting zoos as a community service at various events in our area, usually along with our 4-H buddies. Ted is in the process of making us a set of portable pens that we will be able to load in the trailer and quickly set up on site. We will then be able to bring Seymour, Chimi the llama and Jack the donkey and even the bunnies, all at the same time.

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  1. This one makes me cry everytime I read it. Mom


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