Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 4-H and Homeschool Stuff

Warning: Some of the pictures in this post were taken with a disposable camera and then scanned into the computer. They are terrible! ( I left my camera at the Circle C for a couple of weeks but I did get it back. )

This is The Nina II, an exact replica of the original Nina ( as close as they can come) sailed by Christopher Columbus. Some guys built it and now sail it around the world as a floating museum. They sailed up the Arkansas River in December and we cought them in Fort Smith. Below are the girls with our homeschool group touring the ship. This ship was used in the making of the move "1492". Neat. You can learn more about it here. http://www.thenina.com/

This is our third year riding in the Russellville Christmas Parade with the Wrangler's 4-H horse club, but ClaireAnna's first. Kate rode Missy and Claire rode Cindy. They decorated thier horses with ribbons and bells and rode through the down town streets, waving at the crowds. ClaireAnna got lot's of attention since she was the youngest rider and also had the prettiest horse (we think, anyway!). Everyone waved at her and called to her. Her reaction? "I'm lov'in this! Why didn't you bring me here last year?" ( None of the pictures of Kate and Missy turned out)

Both our homeschool group and the Pope County 4-H decorated community Christmas trees downtown.
ClaireAnna with homeschool friends Erica and Emily.
Here is ClaireAnna in the Christmas program put on by her homeschool co-op music class.

ClaireAnna with a homeschool friend and Miss Shirley, the music teacher.

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