Friday, December 21, 2007

Maximum the Minimum

We had to take my filly to the vet last week and while we were paying our bill, we had a little casual conversation.

Vet: "Want a puppy? I've got a couple cute ones for give away."
Lisa: "NO!"
Kate: "What kind?"
Vet: "A Chihuahua for one."
Lisa: "NO!"
Kate: " How old is it?"
Vet: "He's about a year."
Lisa: "NO!"
Kate: "Is he friendly?"
Vet: "Sure!
Lisa: "NO!"
Kate: "Can we see him."
Vet: "Sure, just a sec."
Lisa: "NO!"
Vet: "Here he is, his name is Prince."
Kate: "Oh, he's so cute! Please!"
(hideous pout in mom's direction)
Lisa: "Dad would kill me!"
Vet: "He's free!"

It turns out "Prince" broke his leg when he was 4 months old. His owner brought him in and relinquished him to our vet, Dr. Hawkins. So, Dr. Hawkins fixed up his leg and has had him ever since. He has lived at the clinic for the last 6 months, he is neutered and has all his shots. He is very quiet and friendly. They have too many dogs that have just found their way to the clinic ( he sort of just takes them in ) so Dr. Hawkins was trying to find homes for a couple of them. We left with out the dog, but when Dad got home, the pouts went in his direction and after a little cajoling and promises from Kate, he caved. We went back and picked up this cute little guy. Here he is in one of his "outfits".

Kate felt he needed a more empowering name then "Prince" so it was changed to "Maximum". Quite a title for a 4 lb pup who wears clothes! At least this outfit is masculine! He seems tiny to us, and is very small boned, but I think he is a little long legged for a Chihuahua. We like his longer, wispy hair and his foxy ears. :)

So, now "Maxie" ( ahem...a nickname that does NOT conjure up thoughts of masculinity ) is Kate's constant companion. He is either in her arms, on her bed, or in his crate in her room. He is sweet, patient with ClaireAnna, playful and just lots of fun. The best part is, he doesn't bark! Which means Dad will be able to put up with him. Merry Christmas Kate!

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