Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Tell Daddy!

Like I said in my last post, today's heat index will be 110. When our oaks fell, they took with them all the shade they made over Lucky's dog kennel. She only has a tiny bit of shade now in front of her dog house. In this kind of heat, that is just not enough. So Lucky got a bath this morning and came in the house for the day. Well, Shani decided that wasn't fair and snuck in too! Oops! Don't tell Daddy the dogs are in the house! Shhhhh! I'll scoot Shani back out since she can find shade and water on her own. ( We can't let Lucky run loose, she is a scent hound and follows her nose where ever it leads her. We could never risk loosing her!) All the other dogs have shade and kiddie pools or other water to get in if needed. I worry about all the animals in this heat. We'll go down in early afternoon and freshen up/ cool down everyone's water. ( And probably douse ourselves too!) This is the hottest June I can remember in our 5 years here. Whew......it's hot out there!

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