Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Face, Familiar Face

This is Duke. He is a litter mate to Shani and Bo. He was given to us by the Crenshaws, original breeders of the litter. They have gotten out of livestock and could not keep all the LGDs they had. (LGD = Livestock Guardian Dog) Duke is a very sweet, beautiful dog. Our only problem is that he is not used to as much interaction with people as we provide here. He has never been on a leash and does not like to be in the barn. He is a bit of a loner, but will wag his tail and seem quite happy if you pet him, even running up to us on occasion for attention. We are hoping he adjusts to us and our routine quickly. Right now, he is hiding under a fallen tree limb! Duke is smaller then Bo, but taller and bigger bodied then Shani. So now we have 3 dogs from the same litter, small medium and large. Or should I say, Large, huge and giant! I will update with pictures of all of them as soon as Duke comes out from under the tree!

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