Friday, June 5, 2009


We put this cute trio in a small chicken coop that is inside the barn. Two days later, we found the duck and one of the goslings dead. No blood, not eaten, just dead. The only "mark" was that the dead gosling's head and neck were wet and matted, like it had been chewed on but not so rough that there was damage. Wierd! This is the duckling that ClaireAnna raised in the kitchen for 2 weeks. The remaining gosling was put into the horse stall with the other ducklings.
Today, we went down to the barn and found this SNAKE inside a rabbit cage trying to eat one of our Lionheads. The poor rabbit was dead. Ted grabbed a pitch fork and lifted the snake out of the cage and I chopped it's head with a hoe. This snake is about 5 feet long! Thank goodness we cought this nasty creature but we sure wish it hadn't gotten three of our little friends before we did!

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