Friday, June 11, 2010

Look Who’s Joined Our Family

I’ve been looking for just the right mini to add to the petting zoo for a couple of years now. Well, I’ve finally found him. Isn’t this little guy cute! We brought him home yesterday and already, ClaireAnna is in love with him. He is just a doll! (Pictured as a weanling. He’s a yearling now.) I don’t know a lot about minis, but I believe he’ll not get taller then 34”.
This colt has a perfect diamond in the middle of his back. Our thoughts went to cards, then gambling, then Las Vegas and finally to Elvis. So, “Elvis” is his new name! It was late when we got him home and today, it’s pouring down rain, so I haven’t gotten a chance to take some current pictures, but they are coming soon!
Elvis will join Jack Frost, Seymour and the goats in our petting zoo. He’ll certainly be a big hit with all the kids!

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