Sunday, June 13, 2010


We’ve got minis coming out of our ears! IMG_3063 Here’s my cutie, Elvis. What a sweet little expression he has! IMG_3065Ted and Claire decided to give Elvis a bath today. He didn’t mind at all! IMG_3070
All clean!
IMG_3069Now it’s Jack’s turn. He’s not so happy about it. “Does she HAVE to wash my face?!” (Jack is a mini donkey so he does qualify to be in this post!)
Now, who’s this? Well, Ted was at the London Horse Auction last night, found this little guy and decided (without consulting me) that he would be a perfect friend for my Elvis!
Meet Johnny! I might have to admit that the mini Ted bought is even a tiny bit cuter then mine!
Elvis and Johnny are both yearling colts. They are the same age and about the same size and at maturity will be on the large side for minis which means they will be plenty big enough for small children to ride. ClaireAnna will be doing their training and she is so excited! She’s already working on teaching them to lunge and desensitizing them to things like fly spray and scary plastic bags! This will be GREAT training for her too! We are really excited to add these two adorable minis to our petting zoo. I’m sure they will bring happiness and fun to the many children who will visit Harmon PFarms for years to come!

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