Friday, June 6, 2014

And for Another Thirty Years

There was a girl who loved a boy;
He was her true soul mate.
She did believe that God above
Chose him for her, not fate.

For thirty years he gave to her
True friendship and devotion.
Her faith in him, by all accounts,
Was deeper than the ocean.

And even though they knew hard times
They never did lose hope,
Or give a thought to giving up,
Or slide that slippery slope.

Now you might think that these two souls
Had special compensation.
His character, impeccable.
Her patience of long duration.

But flawlessness neither possessed.
They couldn't claim perfection.
They practiced just one habit.
From The Word they took direction.

In Philippians they learned to put
The other person first,
To set aside their own desires,
In serving, be well versed.

In Mathew, Jesus taught them
To forgive each other’s sin,
Seventy times seven times.
Don’t let resentment win.

Galatians says the Holy Ghost
Dwells within producing fruit.
Love, joy and peace and all the rest
Leave sinfulness dilute.

Proverbs says, don’t be so proud;
A humble soul is blessed.
In Psalms they learned to trust in God’s
Unfailing faithfulness.

In Corinthians, Paul says to run
The race as if to win it.
Keep your eyes trained on the prize
And determine to stay in it.

But first among the Laws to heed is
Love your God the Lord,
With all your heart and soul and mind.
Then great is your reward.

For as you give your love to God,
Serve Him in all you do,
Your love for other people
Becomes more perfect too.

A lasting, happy marriage
Calls for more than just a pair.
It’s a man, a woman and the Lord.
A triune love affair.

So with the help of God above,
Though weak in human flesh,
Their relationship has not grown stale
But joyful, strong and fresh.

The girl no longer is a girl;
The boy’s black hair is gray,
And for another 30 years
To God they daily pray.

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