Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning Surprise!

We woke up this morning and got ready for church as usual. As we pulled out of the driveway, we figured we'd better check on Ruthie down at the barn. ( Our cow, not my mom! hehe) She's expecting a calf any day and had trouble the last time. As we arrived at the barnyard, we found Ruthie safe and sound and still expecting. But around the corner from the cattle pen came upon some barnyard action! Frenchie was having her kids! We found them just in time to dry off the first kid as she delivered the second. She had a cute, black headed little buckling with black spots on all four feet and his chest, and a red headed doeling. Both are healthy and doing fine! We weren't expecting kids for a couple of days yet so this was truly a surprise!

Here is what we call Nanny Row. We've got kidding pens set up on one side of the barn. Just today we've brought in three does who look close to kidding and set up the heat lamps. Don't they look cozy!
This is Meanie. (She's mean to other goats, but not people.) Look at that belly drag the gound. We think she'll give us triplets again this year.

Here is Cana. Our smallest and friendliest goat and a dairy / dwarf cross. Cana's kids are always the smallest at birth, but the largest at weaning because she is a milking machine! We use her in the petting zoo because she is so sweet. She will have twins. This is Cheetah. She is 1/2 Kiko, 1/2 Boer and was born here two years ago. This will be her first kidding.

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