Monday, December 14, 2009

Last But Definately Not Least!

This little doeling is only hours old. She was born to Cana, our tiniest doe, who usually has twins, but this year, instead, produced one giant kid! Holy Cow, Cana! Since Cana always has plenty of milk for two kids and grows them fast and big, this gal will no doubt be the biggest kid in the barnyard this year! She's so cute!
That's her tiny mother behind her!

The huge kid on the right, Noel, was born on Wednesday and is 5 days older then Cana's doeling on the left!

ClaireAnna has "taught" Noel a trick!

Goat kids get stuck sometimes.
Well, that's all the kids we expect for December. We lost Frenchie's buckling and the small doeling Thacia had yesterday. ( She just never suckled.) So we've got 5 healthy doelings and 2 bucklings. There are three does left who may kid later this winter. I'll keep you posted.

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