Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Pope County Wrangler's Club Christmas Party

Tonight we had our 4-H Club Christmas party. It was a big success and lots of fun for everyone. We had yummy treats, listened to Christmas music, colored and decorated a Christmas tree, voted for our club officers and finally, made treats for our horses. ClaireAnna, Dayna and McKenzie, dancing to the Christmas music.

ClaireAnna and Katelyn applying glitter to the tree project while moms chat and snack.

ClaireAnna's finished project.

Eli, Kurt, Malcolm and Cody

Paige Tipton guided all the kids through the directions to make their own horse treats. Everyone got their own bowl and mixed together flour, oats, shredded carrots, oil and molasses. At home, they will shape and bake the "cookies" and put them in their horse's stockings for Christmas! It was quite a messy project, but so much fun! Thanks Paige! Bethany, Caitlyn and Sarah Beth



Merry Christmas everyone!

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