Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Many Christmas Parties!

The REACH (Russellville Education Alliance of Christian Homeschoolers) Co-op Christmas Party was Friday. We had a story, games and great food!

Then today, we had our Pope County 4-H Rabbit Club Christmas Day. First, an hour at Wildflower Nursing Home sharing our bunnies and some puppies with the residents.

ClaireAnna brought her sable point Lionhead doe, Ginny.

Ginny was very good and didn't tinkle on any one's lap!

Everybody loves to pet a bunny!

Afterward, we went to the extension office for pizza, treats and funny Christmas games!
And last, Fellowship Bible Church's Happy Birthday Jesus Party on Sunday, Dec. 20th. ClaireAnna and two friends sang a "solo".

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