Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Love Is a Mountain

You know the feeling you get when you stand before something amazing that God has made, something like a mountain, or the ocean, that just takes your breath away and makes you think, "Are you kidding me? Is this real? Could anything be more beautiful?  Could His presence be more obvious?"  That's what being truly loved feels like to me. I never get over the marvel of it.  I originally wrote this poem about Ted.  But clearly, Ted's love for me, as amazing as it is, in only a pale reflection of God's love for me and my words are for Him all the more. 

Your Love Is a Mountain
By Lisa Marie Harmon

Your love is a mountain
It’s the vast, deep, rolling sea
The Milky Way

Your love is a quiet wood
It’s a trickling, summer spring
An ancient twisted oak tree root

Your love is the grandest canyon
It’s a raging unforgable river
A glacier

Your love is a windswept Kansas prairie
It’s never ending, purple, wild flowers
The silent blood orange moon

Your love is the blinding winter sun
It’s a skyscraping redwood
A hummingbird

Time after time
Not once yet diminished
It stops me, shocks me
Draws my breath in
Hypnotizes, tranquilizes
Stands me in awe

Your love is a mountain

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