Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Eve And Fifth Annual Christmas Bingo Game

All seven of us were together for Christmas Eve as is our tradition: Mom & Dad, Jes, Josh & Lily, Kate and Claire.  We were also blessed with the company of Lily’s brother, Greg!
The older kids came over pretty early in the day, so we decided to go to the shale pit and do some shooting.  Josh got an AK47 for Christmas and Josh and Jes both brought their hand guns.  I guess it’s not a traditional Christmas eve activity, but all our older kids like to target shoot so that’s what we did!  Even Mom and Claire took turns!  I wasn’t too sure about shooting the AK47 but actually, it was awesome! 
Our redneck target range.
Josh, showing mom how to site the AK 47.  I couldn't do it, but I did shoot it. 
Copy of PC240016
I really, really like this picture! 
Copy of PC240019
Ted showing ClaireAnna how to shoot Jes's handgun. 
Greg shot at a small explosive and made a big puff of smoke and some really loud noise!
     After shooting, we had a yummy dinner.  Home grown smoked pork loin, grilled home grown lamb chops, smoked turkey from Old Post, mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and rolls. PC240140
   Then we played our fifth annual Christmas Bingo Game. 
PC240144We played Bingo till everybody won 5 cards.  Then two extra cards were played for.  Jes got one and Lily got one.  Each card represents a prize! PC240150These duffels are full of prizes!  After all the cards are won, Dad calls out the suite and number for each prize! Everybody gets something! There is a booby prize and a grand prize and lots of prizes in between. PC240162PC240157PC240151PC240152PC240155PC240154PC240156After the game, there was lots of trading till everybody had something they liked.  We all talked about new rules for next year’s bingo game and decided that no one has matured enough to allow steeling yet! (We’ve learned that the hard way in past year’s games!)  After Bingo, we watched movies till each of us wandered off to bed.  It was a great Christmas Eve!

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