Friday, December 23, 2011

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Ted and I decided to surprise Kate with a new dog.  A Facebook friend linked me to a picture of some cute little Chihuahua puppies at Needy Paws Animal Shelter in Clarksville, so this morning, Jes and I headed out there to take a look.  We found these adorable little munchkins waiting for us and spent about 20 minutes picking out the brown one. 
This is Ladybug. 
This is where things go horribly, drastically wrong.  I walked back into the main kennel “just to look” at all the other dogs. Dratts! What was I thinking??
I knew right away what I had to do to get myself off the hook here.  I took this photo and sent it to Ted at work and then I called him on the phone.  So after asking a whole bunch of questions, most of which I could not answer, he tells me to bring them home.  Phew! Now at least it’s not ALL my fault! 
 PC220028 PC220020 
PC220045PC220096   PC220023
These two pups just stole our hearts!  Yes, they are probably part Rottweiler.  No, we really aren’t fans of the breed, especially when they come from an unknown heritage.  But they are definitely mixed with something happy!  Maybe they are part Greater Swiss Mountain Dog! Wouldn’t that be cool!
greaterswissmountaindogsf3 Yeah…probably not…but one can hope. The two boys were found as strays on the 15th of December.  They are barely six weeks old.  We assume they are litter mates.  They each have very different snouts though.  The one with more white looks a bit like a Border collie or Australian shepherd in the face.  But they are totally short haired and very large boned so…who knows. We estimate that they will be in the 70 to 90 pound range at adult hood.  The shelter worker thinks bigger then that. White face is noticeably bigger boned then the other one. 
Adopting these pups was a big risk for us.  We need good farm dogs.  We need dogs that won’t chase our livestock or eat our poultry.  (We’ve already introduced them to chickens and goats and it went well!) We need dogs that will be friendly with visitors.  We plan to do our very best to give them a chance at a good farm life by working hard to train them right. I’m really hoping they work out.  I’m a little fresh from the loss of Bo to be ready for another broken heart. We know lots of people with Rotts and Rott mixes that are great farm dogs.  There is a chance!  And a chance for these adorable guys is better then a life in a shelter or on the streets.   No names yet.  We’ll still arguing about that.  Ted wants “Tank” and “Dozer”.  I’m not a fan.  Claire and I picked “Scout” and “Ranger”. Ted doesn’t like those.  I’ll update when the argument is over!

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  1. I love tender hearted animal lovers! You're a good woman! Merry Christmas!



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