Thursday, February 28, 2013


Every year, there seems to be one goat kid that ClaireAnna falls in love with.  In 2009, it was Noel.  She was friendly and affectionate from the day she was born.  Claire begged us to let her keep Noel, even though she was not one of our top doelings that year.  And in spite of the fact that we are trying to teach her how to make decisions that will improve the quality of her goat herd, we agreed.  Some times you have to let the heart win over the mind. 
ClaireAnna and Noel. 
Well, it turns out that Noel's wonderful personality is genetic.  Once she started having kids, it's always been one of hers that is the new favorite.  Noel's first kids, born in 2011, were half Nubian and ridiculously cute.  Happily, we traded the doeling to ClaireAnna's best friend, Dayna, so we can see her often.
ClaireAnna with Emmet and Alice, Noel's 2011 twins.
In 2012, Noel gave birth to the "favorite goat of all time," Nicolas.  We couldn't keep him, but we were happy to find him a home where he would be used as a commercial buck rather then wethered and know....
This year, Noel has done it again.  And this time, in addition to being friendly and affectionate, this little buckling is gorgeous!  We are hoping that he too, will find a home as a commercial buck. 
This is Alexandar.

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