Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Spring Calves

Here are some of the cute calves we have this spring. Phantom is the youngest, just a week old now. We think he has a Phantom of the Opera mask on!
This is Spider Boy. He was born completely deformed. He could barely walk. With each step, his legs would fold over and almost collapse. I emailed video and pictures to the vet and he told us this was contracted tendons from his position in the womb. I didn't believe him. I thought Spider Boy was deformed in the bones and would need to be put down. Spider was in such misery, we did almost put him out of it. But after a week, we noticed that if Spider Boy was laying down and then got up, he looked a little less crippled. He would walk a few strides and then start to collapse again. Each time we saw him, he would walk a few more "normal" strides then the last time before crippling up. After about three weeks, Spider Boy had stretched out those tendons completely and now, you can't tell him from the others. I'm sure it was a painful process, but he struggled through it and now is a healthy happy calf. He'll never know how close he came......

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