Sunday, April 20, 2008

4-H Spring Horse Show

Pope County 4-H Wrangler's Horse Club Spring Show , April 19th, 2008This is ClaireAnna's first show to ride in by herself. Last year, I lead her in. This year, she is in the driver's seat and Dad and Mom nervously watched from the bleachers. Here she is about to go into trail class, getting a confidence boost from Dad.ClaireAnna entered the goat tying class. The Cloverbuds only had to run to the end of the arena, dismount, catch the goat and grab a ribbon off of it's tail and hold it up in the air. Here she is climbing down after she trotted to the end of the arena. (There is a goat staked just off the picture.) We practiced this so she would be confident getting off this huge horse. She's just glad she didn't have to get back on by herself! We're so grateful to have Missy, who stands so patiently still for Claire. What a great horse! A quiet moment, waiting for the next class.ClaireAnna riding Missy in Walk/Trot, a class they took first place in. ClaireAnna told me, "Mom, I smiled at the judge a lot! Maybe that helped me win."

Video of the Poles class. ClaireAnna didn't place high in the speed events since she was only walking and trotting, but she had a blast, did all her patterns correctly and actually loped Missy home one time. Her first lope EVER! She was SO proud of herself!

Video of trail class. For some reason, (maybe Claire was cuing with the wrong leg?) Missy moved away from the mailbox instead of towards it. Claire got 4th place in this class.

Video of Walk/ Trot. Claire and Missy won first place.

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