Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday ClaireAnna

ClaireAnna's 7th Birthday was March 17th. I am very late getting this post up. She had a big party last year, so we didn't have one this year. All she wanted was to go to Build-A-Bear and make herself a pet. Plus, we knew that she was getting "The Grinch" in a few weeks and you can't get a better present then your own pony foal! ( See post titled, "The Grinch is Here!") So...The whole family went to Build-A-Bear in Little Rock. ( Josh was busy)

She picked out a Cheetah, as you can see......
She recorded her voice on a little disc and stuffed it inside the Cheetah along with a little red heart.
She helped pump the stuffing into Cheetahs body......
Here is Cheetah, all stuffed.
And groomed.....
She had to try on the outfit she picked out to make sure it would fit.....Then she picked a name and entered it into the computer to create a birth certificate.....And here is ClaireAnna and "Princess" outside Build-A-Bear - new best friends.

Afterwards, we all went to Red Lobster for a delicious lunch. Happy Birthday Claire!

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