Thursday, April 17, 2008


We have been waiting for this foal for TWO FULL years! We bred Cindy in the spring of 2006. She miscarried that foal during the winter so we rebred her in 2007. Happily, this time she has carried the foal to term and is due ANY DAY NOW! We are just so excited. This will be ClaireAnna's foal to keep, raise and ride someday. What sex will it be? What color? What markings? We can't stand it! Hurry up Cindy!
Poor fat girl! We haven't seen Cindy run in quite awhile now. She is just bulging with foal. And is getting edema along her belly and chest. It probably doesn't help that she is fat with fat too...but she gets no grain, even while pregnant. She needs only hay to keep her fat and healthy. It is quite sad during graining time when she has to be tied up and the other horses get to eat. Poor Cindy. We'll give you a treat of grain after your baby is born!
Cindy has made a beautiful bag and it is starting to leak, an indication she's getting close! Check back in a couple of days for pictures of the foal and a full report!

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