Friday, April 18, 2008

She's On Her Way

Well, she did it. She told us from the day she got here that she wasn't going to stay. She did her time, got her diploma and that was it. On March 22, the day before Easter, Jes packed up her stuff and drove off in her little yellow Saturn. She is staying with some friends in Illinois for now. She has landed a GREAT job working at Baxter Laboratories in Deerfield as a Customer Service Specialist. The job offers 401K w/ matching, great health insurance and an awesome salary and the hours allow her plenty of time for culinary school at night. Now she needs to find herself a little apartment and then maybe a husband!

Way to go, Jes! We are so proud of you. We will miss you every single day. But we are happy that your dreams are coming true and that you have gotten such a good start in life. You are doing GREAT! Your dad and I thank the Lord daily for the blessing of you for a daughter. We love you.

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