Monday, August 15, 2011

And Along Came Buttercup!

A friend of ours took in a stray.  They tried to find her a home.  They even asked us if we wanted her but our standard answer was given – NO! Months go by and our friends find out they have to move to another state. It was coming down to moving day and they still hadn’t found a home for the dog and they definitely couldn’t take her all the way to New York State with them in the car, so I said I’d ask Ted if we could just take the dog for them and continue looking for a new home for her. 
He said yes. 
That was his first mistake! 
Sorry Ted! 
Do you really think we are not going to keep this dog? 
This is Buttercup!
Here she is with Lucky! They are like twins!
One leash, two mutts!
 P8150054  Lucky’s ears are a lot longer then Buttercup’s.  Buttercup’s legs are a little longer then Lucky’s.  Lucky’s got the saggy, Bassett hound eyes and Buttercup doesn’t.  Lucky doesn’t have brown and Buttercup does.   But that’s pretty much it.  They are very close to the same size in weight, height and length.  They are clearly both part beagle.  Lucky may have Bassett in her.  Buttercup is probably part Dachshund.
And they both love to follow their noses!
They get along great!
Really, Ted?
I don’t think so!
Thank you to the Kendrick family for rescuing this cutie pie,  and getting her dewormed, vaccinated and spayed.  As long as she gets along with Lucky, doesn’t escape and kill all our ducks and doesn’t bark too much at night, I think Ted is out voted!
But for the record…there will only ever be one Lucky for ClaireAnna.

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