Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Trail Ride Together!

ClaireAnna and Grinch had a great lesson today with their trainer, Brad Palmer.  He took them on their first trail ride together.  Dayna got to come along since she had just finished her lesson and was already saddled!  It is the first time Claire has been on the Grinch outside of a round pen or arena.  Brad says, “Grinch was solid as a rock.  No issues at all.”  They crossed a road, saw a car, crossed water and were followed by dogs.  ClaireAnna said, “That was AWESOME!”  Grinch will now be Claire’s main trail mount!  I’m so proud of both of them!  She’s yet to lope him.  That will be their next goal!
P8090016 Copy of P8090003 Copy of P8090011   P8090007 P8090009  P8090012
ClaireAnna and Brad

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