Saturday, August 27, 2011

To My Beloved

wedding1 You know what's amazing? When I act like a snot, or when I don't do anything all day long, or when I forget something really important, or when I argue about something stupid, or when I am selfish and put you last, and I look up and there you are…still. I look into your eyes, and there it is…love.
There's very little in this life more amazing then knowing you are loved unconditionally and totally. It doesn’t happen in a week, a month, a year or ten years. It takes a really, really long time for a man to prove to a woman that there is nothing she could do to change the way he feels about her.  That he’s there for better or worse. That he’s got her back. That he’s never going to leave.
Because we all doubt. We all wonder. Am I good enough? Will this last? Does he really love me?
Some men are never able to do it.  But you did.  I’m not sure when it happened…but some time ago, that last little bit of insecurity disappeared. That last, deep down, almost subconscious fear has evaporated into thin air and all I feel now is trust, love and Us. 
Everything else on earth is monumentally unimportant to me compared to the fact that you love me.
Happy 27th Anniversary, Beloved.

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