Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Early Morning on the Farm

Every year we have to move what ever square bales we have left over from last year out of the hay barn in preparation for the new year’s batch.  There won’t be many this year due to the drought.  Never the less, we have to clear the space for them.  P8070025
We got started early to avoid the heat and moved about 200 bales from the hay barn into the horse barn.  We are very blessed just to have these 200 bales left from last year’s cutting.  They will help to make up our deficit for this year.  Ted and I have vowed to never sell another bale of hay as long as we live! LOL  Sorry, folks, but I really don’t think he’s kidding!
 P8070026 P8070027
It’s stacked on both sides.
And even some in a stall at the other end.
 P8070036 P8070041
Here’s my favorite resting chair! No chicken poop! 
(See previous blog post on the new Chicken coop!)
And my halter racks! No chicken poop!
I LOVE my horse barn! Especially when it’s full of hay!
So, while we’re unloading hay, a guy comes onto the farm looking for his dog, which we tell him we have not seen.  As he turns around to go, he drives right off the road into a drainage ditch and gets stuck. 
Ted and his tractor pulled him out. 
When we finished our morning job, we went home and did this!

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