Monday, August 1, 2011

Chicken Coop

Ted likes chickens.  I hate them.  Why?  Because they poop on everything I own.  Even my favorite lawn chair that I keep in the barn to sit in when I’m taking a break from my work is ALWAYS covered in chicken poop.  And why do they have to roost EXACTLY above my halter rack?  Well, I’ve had it.  For several years now, we’ve allowed our chickens to free range in the barn yard.  That was nice for them, I guess, but not for me and my sanity.  So, we finally made them a coop and in the coop they will stay! 
P8010001 Our barn overhangs are supported by big posts about every 11 feet.  The new “coop” fits perfectly in between and underneath.  I found this 10 X 10 dog kennel on Craig’s list for $100!  Big score considering they run almost $300 new.
We put a tarp on top to keep them in and a tarp across the front for shade and wind and rain protection. 
P8010002They’ve got food and water.   P8010003They’ve got their nesting boxes.    P8010004They’ve got a roost.
Here’s from the inside looking out the door. 
And from the inside of the coop looking over into the next pen where we are currently raising ClaireAnna’s market goats, but which, in the spring, houses ducks.
P8010009Here is from the goat pen side looking over at the new coop. 
Now, there are five little banty hens that are still free.  They had better mind their Ps and Qs or they will be snatched up as fast as you can say chicken poop and plopped right into this pen with the big girls.  Eventually…..a long, long time from now, we will see if we can’t teach these chickens to go out for the day and come back into this coop at night.  I’m not all mean and I’ve love for them to have their freedom during the day if at all possible.  But for now, I’m a happy girl.  Give me a duck, any day.  They poop on the ground. 

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