Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Ozark Memories Day

This is our small town annual festival in Dover, put on by the Chamber of Commerce.  We start the day out with a short parade through down town Dover.  I didn’t take any pictures during the actual parade this year because I was leading The Grinch.  It was his first time in a parade and he did fantastic!
Claire rode Cindy, as usual.    Ozark Memories Day Parade 017
The Grinch took everything in stride.  No spooking at all!  Next year, Claire will ride him and let one of her friends ride Cindy.
Ozark Memories Day Parade 018 
This picture of my friend Sylvia in her first every parade, show’s how excited Grinch was about being there! 298497_1980825609365_1504928132_31713981_1727770413_n
After the parade, we went home to put the horses away and change our clothes.  Back at the festival, we had some snacks: funnel cake, tamales, nachos and soda. 
I did the skillet toss! I didn’t win, but I didn’t embarrass myself either!
They had a men’s log toss, but Ted’s arm is busted.  Here’s a random guy doing it!
ClaireAnna tossed the bean bags. P9240007P9240008    Ozark Memories Day Parade 001
This is our town, Na na na na na!   

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