Monday, September 5, 2011

Stupid Goat, Ruptured Tendon

This goat didn’t want to get caught. 
This man tried to catch him.

This is what happened.

And after a couple of visits here…..
Dr. Eric Gordon
This nice man fixed it. (Dr. Eric Gordon)
Hydrocodone at work.
Day three, post op.  Doing better.  Walked to the barn and back.  The cast comes off in two days and then he’ll be in a splint for 6 weeks!  My goodness!

The goat is still stupid.  But we’ve gotten a little smarter!  Now we let ClaireAnna catch him like this.  Seriously!  She knows how.  She learned it in 4H!
Day six post-op check-up.  The cast is off and we got our first glimpse of the incisions.  One on the bottom side.
One of the top side – a lot smaller then we thought it would be. 
Trying to smile even though it hurts like heck because the Dr. just came in and moved it all around!
Here’s the new splint that limits movement.  He’ll be in this for six weeks until the Dr. is sure the tendon has reattached to the bone.  However, it’s back to work tomorrow!  (At least part time.  He’ll come and go depending on his pain level.)

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