Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Pope County Fair Misc.

Here are all ClaireAnna’s non-living fair entries!
Claire’s brown banty eggs and green duck eggs.
Paper pinwheel
Decorated Picture Frame with a picture of her and The Grinch that says, “To ride or not to ride….What a stupid question!” 
Colorful clay vase right in the middle.
Photo she took of the Grinch.
Marker art of a burning candle.
Sugar cookies.
The Wrangler Club Educational Booth won Best in Show!!!
It’s tradition!  After the 4H Dance on Friday night, the older kids spend the night.  This is ClaireAnna’s first year and I stayed with her (on the cot in the second picture.)  Except for having to use my inhaler 3 times and learning to detest the sound of dozens of roosters crowing at 4:00 am, it was a bunch of fun!
P9160092 P9160094 P9160095

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