Thursday, September 22, 2011


This morning while perusing my kingdom, I made a new discovery!  Beavers!  Well, at least tell tale signs of beavers at the pond.  We’ve seen beaver signs at the Bayou before and Josh has even shot two large ones down there, but we’ve never seen beaver signs at the pond.  In Arkansas, beaver are considered a nuisance. and the state offers a bounty for them.  They are plentiful and cause all kinds of damage to water ways, ponds, crops and timber lands.  I sure do think it would be cool to have a full blown beaver den on our place that we could watch, but I’m not sure how much damage they will cause if we let it happen.  I’m going to look into it.  Here are shots of what they are up to.  One Maple tree cluster is clearly doomed with a whole section already fallen into the pond.  They did this in one night! 
Beaver 006
   Beaver 001 Beaver 002 Beaver 003
Beaver 005
Beaver 004

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