Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Pope County Fair Goat Shows

Thursay, September 15th, 9:00 a.m.
Technically, there are three goat shows at the fair: Dairy Goat, Market Goat, Meat Goat.  They run one right after the other.  ClaireAnna showed in all three.
Diary Goat Show: ClaireAnna showed her Registered Nubian Dairy Goats.  The dairy goat show at the fair isn’t very big, maybe only 6 goats all together. 
Allie got 2nd in her class of 2.  Bailey got 2nd in her class of 2 also and then Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Doe!  P9150055  P9150065
P9150054Here are Allie (mother) and Bailey (daughter) in their pen. 
P9160003 On Friday morning, all the preschools in the area brought their kids to the fair.  ClaireAnna took Bailey out and let the kids pet her and pose for a picture.
The Market Goat Show is for your market wether or doe, under 1 year, that is finished and ready to butcher.   ClaireAnna showed a 3/4 Boer X 1/4 Kiko wether we raised here on the farm named Icarus.  He was the runt of triplets and skinny, scrawny and pot-bellied as a kid so nobody bought him.  Once he was wormed, weaned and fed, he just blossomed.  We realized a few months ago he was going to turn out pretty nice so we fed him up for the show.  This kid was actually the ugliest thing we had born here when he was little.  But look at him now! 
Class 3 line-up.  ClaireAnna and Icarus in first place.
Entering the ring for the champion class.
 P9150086 The judge is about to choose Grand Campion.  The one on the left won it.
Copy of P9150088 Just chosen Reserve Champion Market Goat! Big smile!
The young lady who won Grand Champion Market Goat also won Reserve Champion Market Steer AND Grand Champion Market Lamb! Since each kid can only sell 1 market animal, she chose to sell her steer which put ClaireAnna first to sell a goat.  Icarus brought ClaireAnna $500 in the Market Sale!
The Meat Goat Show is for does of any meat goat breed.  ClaireAnna showed Frenchie, a black and white spotted 4 year old Boer doe.  She won 1st place in her class and Grand Champion Meat Goat Doe!  P9150018 P9150021 P9150024
Junior Showmanship Class:P9150028 P9150025 P9150026 These are all Jr. showmanship class.  There is only 1 winner and the girl on ClaireAnna’s left won it.  The judge told ClaireAnna personally that if he could pick a second place, it would have been her!  

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