Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sheep, Sheep and More Sheep!

We've got 16 sheep now, all ewes but one young wether.  Fourteen are purebred Katahdins and two are purebred Dorpers.  All but 4 should be bred to a registered Dorper ram (since sold).  We've also got an extra ewe and wether that belong to a friend in our herd, so there are 18 sheep altogether.  Lambing will begin in late February and continue through March.  We should have about 24 lambs when it's all over! We sell breeding quality ewe lambs at 3 months old and 100 pound, 100% grass-fed, butcher lambs in the fall.  Call us to get on our waiting list; we sell out fast!  Here they are today, in the loafing shed, on a dreary, drizzly evening.
Hello, Annie Lee

In the loafing shed.

Nom nom nom nom nom. 

What pretty ladies! 

Got grain? 

And this is Annie Lee's daughter, Lily

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