Sunday, December 21, 2014

What is WRONG With Some People???

This is what our beautiful farm road looked like this summer.  July, to be exact.  We spend a lot of time enjoying this pretty road with our dogs and horses.  

And this is what XTo Energy did to it.  

 I am speechless.  Most of the trees that were destroyed were not even any where near the road or encroaching over head at all!  You can see in the first picture that that side of the road was CLEAR!!  One young ponderosa pine was simply cut in half for NO REASON, as were many cedars.  All the branches and debris were left along the road. This was done, supposedly in order to maintain a clear path for the ordinary pick-up truck that drives it once a day to check the gas well.  There was NO notification or communication with us what so ever.  We simply came home to this destruction.  I'm glad the people who did this were not on the property when I discovered it.  I can not even describe how infuriated I was.  What is wrong with communicating with the land owners?  Who ON EARTH thinks they have the right to destroy someone else's property with out so much as a phone call?  Or a knock on the door?  They have my phone number!  I've contacted the man in charge, the one who ordered this attack on my woods.  He says he'll look into it and get back to me on Monday.  I can't even imagine what his explanation is going to be.  There is no excuse for this kind of outrageous and arrogant rudeness.  

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