Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Different Path

By Lisa Marie Harmon

Cruising down the highway of your dreams
It really can’t get better than this.
Smooth roads ahead are all you can see.
Who do you thank for this ignorant bliss?

Then something comes at you from far below,
And jerks the wheel sharply to the left.
A more unexpected jolt you've never known.
A sharper turn would have meant your death.

Your eyes are filling up with your blood.
You’re dangling just above the savage cliff.
Fear runs through your bones just like a flood.
Against the fall, your very soul grows stiff.

Straining, you look up for a line,
Though you think you know it doesn’t exist.
Why waste your time hoping for a sign?
It makes more sense to shake an angry fist.

So in midair you find yourself trapped,
Between the wicked rocks and twisted steel.
Within the wreckage you have been strapped.
There’s no way out; no Let’s Make a Deal.

You fall into a deep but restless sleep,
And in your dreams you find you’re not alone.
Was someone sitting in the other seat?
Someone that you know you’ve always known.

You look into his eyes and see him wince.
His wounds must be far greater than your own.
You look into his loving eyes again.
And feel a desperate longing for your home.

As you wake, your body trembles cold.
You wonder if your dream was only shock.
But deep within you, peace has taken hold.
“Don’t be afraid.  I will be your Rock.”

It wasn’t belts and straps that held you firm,
And prevented you from being torn apart.
It was His steadfast everlasting arms,
Arms that bound His Spirit to your heart.

Today you’re headed down a different path.
In your gut you feel a dreadful grip.
No longer do you travel blind or fast.
This isn't going to be a blissful trip.

But now you know with every twist and turn,
As you anticipate a rugged ride,
A fire within your soul forever burns,
That travels strong and present by your side. 

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