Thursday, April 10, 2014

Say Love

By Lisa Marie Harmon

A lonely girl who never quite belonged
An injured sparrow long without a home
A woman longing for a lover’s song
Or maybe she'd be better off alone

She was afraid she'd never trust in love
Her simple faith had fallen like a stone
The fraud she’d known had trapped her like a glove
Her heart was broken, bloody to the bone

Then on an unexpected sun scorched day
A man from nowhere entered from the left
And boldly stepped up on her fractured stage
His deepest love for her he would profess

He didn't ever know quite what to say
He never understood her wrenching pain
Her tears confused him, left him out of play
Still he bound himself to her just like a chain

His gentle ways were like a flowing stream
That slowly washed away her secret rage
His hazel eyes to her seemed like a dream
A light by which she turned the tattered page

Say, Love, am I really safe with you?
Or are you like a house built on the sand?
Reflected in those eyes she saw the truth.
And timidly she bravely took his hand.

National Poetry Writing Month, day 10
Prompt: Say love

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