Monday, April 7, 2014

Where I'd Rather Be

By Lisa Marie Harmon

The question's often posed
By those with a travel vocation.
Will you please disclose
Your consummate destination?

Where would you like to go
To get away from stress?
What should be the text
Of your new short term address?

I’d like to see the redwoods,
Fly to Bonaire and SCUBA dive,
Watch whales in the Pacific,
Ride horses on a cattle drive.

I’m not much for big cities,
But fancy ancient history.
Old Jerusalem where Jesus walked
Is a place I’d like to see.

A visit home to see old friends
Would bring to me delight.
On a mountain cabin campout
I would go without a fight.

But if you put me up to it,
Forced me to choose today.
Where would I rather be tonight
If I’d be leaving right away?

I'll give no hesitation.
Won’t name a beach or town.
I’ll turn down a long vacation,
And simply turn around

There’s someone waiting down the hall
Whose arms are warm and strong.
Beside him’s the best spot of all.
It’s right where I belong. 

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 7
Prompt: Where I'd rather be

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