Thursday, April 17, 2014

Silver Fox

This poem is very tongue in cheek! A silly poem to make my sweetheart laugh. 

There was an older man
Who thought his wife was weird
Because she was in love
With his prickly silver beard.

His face, to her, was handsome,
Encased in only air,
But, oh, so much more gorgeous,
When covered with gray hair.

He says, "I just look older."
He wants to stem the tide.
She says, "You're main objective
Is to excite your bride."

She tells him almost daily
That if every strand falls out,
She'll love him still, forever.
He has no cause for doubt.

But when he threatens shaving,
She feels a vengeful state
and warns him, should he prune it
She will retaliate.

She leaves for him to figure,
The punishment he's due.
Without much mental effort,
You may just guess it too.

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