Friday, April 11, 2014

At The Beach

By Lisa Marie Harmon

It was in The City
On a peaceful, starlit night
Where he first saw her ink-black hair
Those piercing dark eyes
And the smile that killed him

It was in The Park
After the symphony, as they both were leaving
When she tripped on a stone
He caught her elbow, learned her name,
And slowly walked her home
It was at her mother’s
On a rainy Christmas Eve
When he first hoped it might be never ending
She smiled then too
Leaving him defenseless

It was at their favorite restaurant
With no armor
Where he finally braved the question
And as she said yes
He died and went to heaven

It was in their life together
Where he took the colors
That she gave him and learned his purpose
To make her smile that smile
To be with her forever

It was in the doctor’s office
Where he first felt that fear
The worst kind, that
Twists your guts and shakes your bones
And steals the smiles

It was in a mountain cabin
Where they cried together
He wrapped her tight in quilt and arms
As they watched the clouds
Roll through the hills

It was at the beach
As the sun was brightly shining
Where he knew a new despair
Asked a thousand whys
And stood alone for a long time

National Poetry Writing Month, day 11
Prompt: At the beach

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