Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There's Nothing in My Sippy Cup!

By Lisa Marie Harmon

There’s nothing in my sippy cup!
Mama, won't you fill it up?
I don’t want water, milk or tea.
Please pour some apple juice for me!

There’s nothing on my kiddie plate!
With my dinner don’t be late.
I don’t want carrots, corn or peas.
Spoon me up some mac and cheese!

There's nothing in my puppy's bowl.
Can I give him half my roll?
Mama, help me just in case,
Puppy tries to lick my face! 

There’s nothing in my big toy box!
Nothing but some dumb old rocks.
Mama, please come through that door
And pick my toys up off the floor.

There’s nothing fun to do inside.
Will you take me for a ride?
Hurry! Get my stroller out.
The park is what it’s all about!

There’s no one in that toddler swing.
Mama, put me in that thing!
Push me high until I shout,
“I'm scared! Mama, take me out!” 

There's sure a lot of mud and dirt
On my body and my shirt.
Mama, please fill up the tub.
Get the soap and help me scrub! 

There’s no one in my rocking chair,
Except my big brown teddy bear.
He can’t give me what I need.
Mama please come rock with me.

There’s no one in my toddler bed.
Only I, there, lay my head.
I really like my mama’s lap.
But now I need to take a nap. 

There’s nothing more for mom to do.
It's time for her to lie down too.
But first she folds her hands to pray.
Lord, thank you for this perfect day.

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 8
Prompt: In my cup

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