Friday, August 1, 2008

July 2008 Trip to Chicago: Days Seven and Eight

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Well, I haven't mentioned so far that I was sick the entire trip. I coughed up a storm and am still at it today. I didn't sleep well and just really tried to make the best of everything while drugging myself up on cough medicine.

We packed up Wednesday morning and left Waukegan about 9:30 AM. You can't leave any earlier or you hit rush hour. (unless you leave about 4:00 AM which I just can't do) So, off we go into the worst construction on the tri-state tollway that I have ever seen. My first on ramp was at Grand Avenue in Gurnee......I know it is the normal ramp for North 294, but now the sign says North AND South 294. The construction is so messed up, all the ramps are changed and I had no idea I took it.....right into Wisconsin for miles. OH MAN I was mad. It took me 30 minutes and $3 in tolls to get off, back on and then back to Grand Avenue again. So, we really left town about 10:00 AM, which means if all goes well, we wouldn't be home till about 10:00 PM.

Well, all didn't go well. About half way through our vacation, the air conditioning in my van started to fail. The air coming out just got warmer and warmer through the week. By the time we were headed home....I had nothing air blowing in my face. So, I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm hot.....It's not looking good......but I made a valiant effort. I made it to Ozark, just 3 hours from home....and then pooped out. So the girls and I got a hotel room and stayed the night. We finished the last leg of our trip Thursday morning and went straight into Russellville to see Daddy. We had a reunion lunch at Mulan's ( great Chinese buffet for you Yankee's). Then I came home and took a nap!

We had a great visit to our old home. We will be back next more 4 year intervals. It was wonderful to see everyone and especially my girl, Jes. Miss you tons, see you in December! There were many people I would like to have seen but didn't connect with. I surely hope to see you all next time.

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  1. Well, we read about your entire trip and looked at all the pics and it looks like you had a great time. TOO BAD we're such knuckleheads and didn't get around to calling you while you were here! Glad to hear you had such a great time. And we love looking at all the farm pictures, too (especially Jim). Since you say you'll be back here sooner rather than later, we DEFINITELY will make sure to see you next time. Say hi to Ted from Jim.


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